Charlie Zhang

About Me

About Me

Hey there! My name is Charlie.

I recently graduated from the University of Waterloo. Currently I'm working as a software engineer at Instagram in New York.

Wanna chat? I'm always open to interesting opportunities. You can reach me by email.

Here's a short timeline of the interesting bits of my life:

  • Software Engineer

    New York, NYAug 2020 - present
    • Starting my full-time life in the Big Apple
  • Software Engineering Intern

    Seattle, WASep - Dec, 2019
    • Explored the PNW for the first time
    • Finally visited the other side of Canada
    • Skied at Mt Rainier and hiked Mailbox Peak
    • Ate a lot of very expensive hot pot for free
  • Software Engineering Intern

    Mountain View, CAJan - Apr, 2019
    • Experienced the scale of a huge corporation
    • Biked to work every day
    • Surfed in Hawaii and partied in Las Vegas
    • Saw the Grand Canyon covered in snow
  • Infrastructure Engineering Intern

    San Francisco, CAMay - Aug, 2018
    • Learned about the exciting world of infrastructure
    • Travelled a ton, from Death Valley to Hawaii
    • Conquered Half Dome in Yosemite
    • Explored the West coast for the first time
  • Computer Science

    SingaporeJan - May, 2018
    • Studied abroad at the National University of Singapore
    • Spent all my time travelling around Asia
    • Met so many friends from around the world
    • Changed my life forever
  • Software Developer Intern

    Waterloo, ONSep - Dec, 2017
    • Worked in iOS development for the first time
    • Somehow ended up working with Rails
    • Mastered the art of mediocre ping pong
    • Broke friendships in Settlers of Catan
  • Full-Stack Developer Intern

    Kitchener, ONJan - Apr, 2017
    • Built my first gaming PC (r/Ayymd)
    • Experienced the fast-paced life of an incubator start-up
    • Discovered Firehouse Subs and graph DBs
  • Software Developer Intern

    Toronto, ONMay - Aug, 2016
    • Explored downtown Toronto for the first time
    • Played ultimate frisbee every Frisbee Friday
    • Achieved the fastest time at an escape room with a team of interns
  • Software Engineering

    Waterloo, ONSep 2015 - Apr 2020
    • Learned how to cook, clean, and do laundry
    • Attended multiple hackathons and experienced severe sleep deprivation
    • Thanked Mr. Goose every single night
  • Programmer Intern

    London, ONOct 2013 - Aug, 2014
    • Got my first taste of real programming
    • Tested a game for the Ender's Game movie that was shown on YouTube's front page
    • Learned how to use the Linux terminal and version control with Mercurial


Star Stream

A vertical shooter game made using libGDX. Features powerful powerups, different ships, unique enemies, ship upgrades, and boss fights.

Java Android libGDX

Rainy Life

A rain simulator that features customizable backgrounds, multi-sound controls, and YouTube integration.

React howler.js


An online travel blog featuring an interactive map that allows you to create trips with markers for each blog post. Made at Hack the North 2015.

JavaScript MapBox Google APIs


A Unity game where you can play virtual instruments like the piano, bongos, and a drum set using a Leap Motion and your hands! Best Hack - People's Choice at WearHacks Waterloo 2017.

C# Unity Leap Motion


You can reach me by email, or you can find out more about me through these links.